Delivery and Returns

BatteryHero (Pty) Ltd (Pty) Ltd returns policy has been set up to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction and we aim to assist as far as possible but before a return can be completed, a few anticipated warranty invalidation checks need to be done such as:

  • Proof of purchase must be able to produced – ie via your login and order
  • The battery is out of the warranty period. We unfortunately can not entertain any out of warranty claims.
  • The battery has been fitted to a vehicle for which it was not intended. 
  • The battery was used for the incorrect application. 
  • The battery was used for a scrubber, sweeper, golf cart, wheelchair, radio or marine application. 
  • The battery was incorrectly installed. 
  • The battery was allowed to stand for periods with or without current draw and has been subjected to longterm discharge and has resulted in the battery sulphating.
  • Battery terminals are damaged by melting and arcing or are bent, twisted, chipped, or otherwise distorted/ damaged. 
  • The battery is dry due to overcharging, or excessive tipping. 
  • The battery is flat. 
  • The battery casing is cracked or otherwise damaged. 
  • The battery has been damaged due to loose terminals. 
  • The battery has been discharged to below the manufacturer’s depth of discharge curve. 

. You must contact us and be in receipt of a returns authorisation (RA) number before we will have an installer replace or return your battery. Any product without a RA number will not be refunded/ returned.

If a battery has been in your car for longer than 7 days we can only replace the battery and cannot refund the battery as it has been used.

Any product found on receipt to be damaged must be reported to us immediately on complaints@BatteryHero (Pty)

If you have ordered a battery but change your mind or find that something else is at fault with your vehicle then please contact us immediately. At this point and provided that the item has not already been delivered, we will try to cancel the delivery or installation.

If the driver has installed the battery a fee of R250 will be levied against your refund.

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