In the instance of a warrantied product failing you must contact us on complaints@batteryhero.co.za. In most circumstances a replacement battery will be issued immediately and installed within 24hours. We also collect the faulty battery free of charge. Our team will diagnose the fault over the phone or by email. We sometimes request the voltage and cca of the battery to do fault checking. Our team has been trained to deal with checking so please take their advise.

*Warranties are non-transferable* from car to car.

We cannot exchange a flat (discharged) battery, only faulty products. If something on the vehicle has drained the battery, or the alternator has failed, this would not be covered under warranty. 

Testing a faulty battery

Before we can accept return of a faulty battery, the installer will test for the above ratings.

Our product warranties cover product replacement only i.e. we guarantee the product against physical failure for the duration of x years (usually 4) We will supply a replacement battery in the instance of product failure during that period.

Machinery, Tractors, Taxi vehicles using 643, 663, 644, 664 type commercial batteries are only guaranteed for 12 months due to extreme usage. Start Stop Taxi’s and Uber and Bolt type vehicles are given 2 years warranty with AGM battery types.

We do not accept product returns that are caused by vehicles with malfunctioning alternators** 

We also do not accept product returns from owners of vehicles that are driven for less than 30 miles per week. Where the vehicle is driven less than 50 kilometres per week the battery is not charged regularly enough to be considered normal operation. 

We would advise the regular use of a battery maintenance charger.

This includes Leisure Batteries such as those used in Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats etc. Where a leisure battery has been left uncharged for such a period of time as to cause the battery to sulphate.

We recommend Leisure Batteries should be kept above 12.10 volts, Your warranty will be void if the battery has been discharged below 10.60 volts (100% discharged).

(** The vehicle’s alternator re-charges the battery whilst the engine is running)

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